Kidfluencer Starterkit is an installation inspired by the Dutch documentary ‘Mijn dochter de vlogger’ (My daughter the flogger) by Doortje Smithuijsen and Joep van Osch.

Mothers who are their daughter’s managers and family finances depending on their children. The children were between the age of 3 and 13 years old. All of this to get a head start on being an influencer.

The concept of parents projecting their own dreams on their children is nothing new of course, but the amount of exposure you encounter your children with is completely different on the internet.  

Even if you don’t force your child to become an influencer, but post everything from the day their born online there can be consequences to it.

There is now a whole new generation growing up with their whole history online without their consent. We don’t know yet what the consequences exactly will be when they are adults but it will make them definitely more vulnerable for things like identity theft and facial recognition programs.

With this installation I want to make a critical remark on the exposure of children today by their parents without their consent.
Los Angeles, Calif.