This project started as a funny gift. One of my best friends had recently lost her finger in a accident. Which was a terrible event, but something really surprising and positive happened after. She had never been very confident about herself or her appearance before and loosing her finger was very traumatic. But after a while she accepted the fact 
that she missed a finger and from that moment on her confidence started to increase to a point that she was happy with who she was.
It was incredible to watch how this changed the way she sees herself in such a positive way and I was so proud of her. That’s when I came up with the idea of making a finger for her with golden glitters to wear when she would go to a party, so I called it the partyfinger. 
This made me wonder why protheses are always so boring, trying to be something they will never be. Why not wear it as something extra like an accessory, a different one for each occasion. So I started a very experimental project, involving my friend and trying to create the perfect fit for her finger. Besides that I was experimenting with different kinds of fingers, like a glow in the dark finger or glittery finger. This is a short experimental project which I really want to continue someday as a more endgoal focused project.
Los Angeles, Calif.